The New Year bells are ringing and the e-commerce world is all set to greet the existing and new customers. In such a growing online competition, some businesses will luckily wrap up a handsome share while some of these will be managing their administrative expenses merely. By the way, did you ever ask it to yourself that how do I maximize e-commerce sales, why is that some businesses make it this far while leaving other businesses far behind in the race? Possibly, you may ask following questions such as:-

  • Should I do pre-event blogging
  • What about playing with the images
  • Is there any need to update my inventory
  • What about taking advantage of advertisement

In case, you’ve got an online store and want to maximize your sales during upcoming events. Here’s a brief guide on explaining how to maximize your e-commerce sales.

Keep Your Content Calendar Organized and Let it Go Digital

Call it rule#1 or the golden rule. For an online store, it’s always important to stay ahead. Especially in countries like Pakistan where the mode of advertisement is getting digital and having a digital advertising agency is getting the next big business, you cannot overlook the importance of going digital. In order to maximize e-commerce sales, an organized content calendar is the ultimate success. Once, you know what to adhere, where and how to give it a push, you are then all set to do wonders.

Invest Time in Pre-Event Campaigns

Little efforts go a long way. Once again, we won’t mind mentioning that the e-commerce industry in Pakistan is really competitive. Those were the days when making a notable impression was easy. The growing number of advertising agencies in Pakistan has taken things on the storm. Now mere organic writings, the hunt of the keywords and regular social media posts may not yield quick results. So, in order to outrank your competitors, it’s important to invest to set aside some funds for pre-event campaigns too. In case, you are not convinced with us? Just take a look at Shopify’s BFCM campaign to see the importance of it.

Seasonal Discounts is A Big Catch

We all love saving bucks. Before buying things from traditional brick and mortar stores, 67% of shoppers prefer checking rates online. Whereas, 45% of the people would love if they can get coupon codes or some discounts. And if you are not sure about it, just have a look at the massive transactions that take place during Cyber Monday and Thanksgiving Day.

Why do you think these stores offer discounts? What’s the catch for them? Well, discounts are being offered for two reasons:-

  • To give a boost to the sales
  • To have strong customer’s fan base

Especially for the newly started online stores and for mid-level businesses, it is always important to have a strong customer fan base. Since these are the loyal customers that help you grow your brands…

A/B Testing of the Website

While rendering a number of web development and e-commerce websites in Pakistan and across the globe, our team believes that before giving a paid push to your website or pulling traffic by organic means, it’s important to test your website fully. It’s important to address some basic yet fundamental issues like:-

  • Website speed test
  • Responsiveness of the website
  • The inclusion of CTA’s
  • A full onsite Audit

Once, you are definite that all these points have adhered; you are all set to set your site for an advertisement ride.

Make Your Checkout Smoother

smooth checkout, make checkout,

Ever since mobile commerce started chipping in, the customer focus is shifting all towards mobile. Impressively, alone in 2016, the number of transactions that took from mobile was as huge as 14.6 billion US dollars, thus making it the second-largest sales funnel.

Anyways, whether your audience is on a web version or you are focusing mobile. In both the case, smooth checkout is a must thing.

Let’s assume you are browsing through a website and you notice that checkout is not smooth. You are on a page and you see there are some unnecessarily steps that you need to perform before moving on to that thank you page. Would you proceed with it?

So, for an online store, it’s important to think by walking through customer shoes. Once you unearth this secret than the whole world is yours.

And Yet There is Lot More

There is a lot more. Truly speaking, the question, how to maximize your e-commerce sales bags up a lot of key points. We should not overlook these important aspects at all. There is no hard and fast rule but a continual evaluation. The more you dig, the more, you will get to know.