So, you are here to find out the useful tips to find a top digital marketing agency in your area? Right hmmm! Well, before moving on to a succinct guide, why not try to find out the reasons why you need a local digital marketing agency rather than a global one. Prior to heading your answer let’s see why the term “ Think Digital in Pakistan” is echoing louder. Why is that alongside every other business, even the startups in Pakistan are trying to overwhelm the 3Ws world. Long story short is, trends are evolving and below-mentioned are some reasons:-

1/4th of the whole world’s population is connected through Facebook. That’s just one part of the story. Contrary to this, in a single minute

• Instagrammers post some 216,000 photos
• The little blue bird carries 278,000 Tweets
• While 1.8 million people hit that blue or white thumb on Facebook
In such an event where things are so much on the go, why one would not miss the importance of digital marketing agencies. And for the startups, there’s no doubt potential and the opportunity is huge.

Since you have developed an understanding of the importance of going digital. Let’s see useful tips to find a top digital marketing agency around you.

Plans to businesses are as water to plants. Since plants can’t live and breathe without water, so the businesses can’t without having a proper plans. In case, you think, having a large sum of money as an initial investment than taking a look at the withered plant will tell them that it’s not the case always. If initial funds had any role without involving the planning phase then a lot of individuals wouldn’t have been at such a stage.

So, we were discussing how to find out the top digital marketing agency around you. Getting back to the point, for any marketer, it’s important to listen to the client and to see how they perceive business goals on the whole. How do they intend to execute the strategy? Are they equipped with the latest paradigms or not? Do they have fully grasped your visionary approach or not?

In countries like Pakistan, one of the biggest reasons for startups’ failure is, to totally rely on the marketing agency and not to do R&D by themselves. Apart from this, theses businesses will not keep track or go about A/B testing at all. More or less, they believe in let’s come whats come approach.

Initial Research and Pre-Contractual Interviews Can Be Handy

Let’s face it, no one is an expert. The moment you claim that you are an expert is the moment your learning stops. So, how to hunt out the right agency then? Let’s see if the given below suggestions can help you around.

Say either you have a startup in Pakistan or you are planning to have one in near future and you need someone to aid you in the digital side. Now before getting someone on board, do a little research by yourself. Wondering how?  Hold on! let us help you. Do the following things:-

  • Plan out your requirements
  • Set aside your budget while adding a maximum and minimum range
  • Define the marketing channels you want to start from
  • Segment the Audience
  • Measurement of KPIs

Once, you are done with things. Now, it’s time to do some Googling.

Say, you need to start from branding and need someone who can offer you promising logo designs, stationery, social media designs, and all other requirements. As a matter of fact, one who can take care of your future expansions. In other words, you need a complete branding agency. We would ask you to take start from Google. Your first query should be something like the Complete Branding Agency in Pakistan or the list of complete branding agencies in Pakistan. Once, you are open with the search results. Now try to dig deep by popping in each of these websites one by one. Move one step ahead and see if they have any past experience.
In the case of the portfolio, dig deep even and see if the past work goes with the image or not.

Read their about section and see what are their strengths. Now once again go back to Google to learn some basics and ask the questions from them. See, how well they cater to your questions. Within a few questions, you will be able to judge if they are your cup of tea or not.

Deciding on Agency Type will Help You Align Your Future Goals 

There is no surprise in knowing that digital marketing agencies do come in all different shapes and sizes. In order to choose the right one, it’s important to determine what services do you need and who will cater it.

Agencies mainly have two types, generalized and specialized. For instance, a web design agency may offer you marketing services as an addition or a digital marketing agency can tell you that they take care of above the line marketing and below the marketing line too.

Since business models are changing, the blend of traditional and digital agencies have made things pretty simple and complex at the same time. In order to find the right agency for your business, the decision solely depends upon your marketing requirements.

Since, startups in Pakistan have financial constraints, on the whole, so they should opt for someone that offers them complete branding services.

Hire Someone Whose Only Purpose is Not to Earn Money But to Add Value Too

Money makes the mare go! Right yeah! and choosing an agency is no less than getting married. On a serious note, in case, you want to hire someone, then look for the one who is passionate and would add some value too. Agencies that focus more on money rather than adding value to the business, enjoy a very short span with the clients. So, being a startup, it’s important for you to draw a clear line of difference between the money-oriented and value adders.