No one ever knew that the channel started its faith by selling books will soon become one of the leading online selling channels in the world. There is no surprise in knowing the fact that Amazon makes up some 43 percent of all online sales. That’s not the only thing about this giant selling platform. As per INC, the company now counts approximately 63 million people among its subscriber base. And the numbers are growing more and more. No doubt, en-cashing such a giant selling channel would be everyone’s demand. And like many others, you would probably want to know, how to sell on Amazon like a champ.

Hold on! we are here to help you and we will definitely love to do that. But before moving, let us help you in grabbing the importance of Amazon while presenting some facts. More precisely, let’s tie you into its fantasy.

  • Amazon ships 1.6 million packages a day
  •  45,000 robots roam the floors of Amazon’s warehouses
  • Amazon’s $356 billion valuations are so big, it’s larger than Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, Macy’s, Kohl’s, JCPenney, and Sears combined. (Source INC)

We do hope you have tuned up with us and now all set to discover on how to Sell on Amazon Like a Champ?

Research, Research, and Research 

research, querry

First things come first and for a selling channel like Amazon, perpetual research is the ultimate growth hacking tool. Though for every business, research is the key element but for Amazon it works as a circulating blood. The way blood circulation is important for the body, the same way research is important for Amazon. Often sellers jump on Amazon without doing R&D. Getting few lines written, having some clumsy images, they think, they are all set. Let us tell you one thing, Amazon is far different from selling products on a website. Meaningful images, a clear description and clear CTA’s play an important role.

A Clear and To the Point Description 

clear description, Amazon growth hacks by DesignBanq

Buyers on Amazon prefer reading to the point product descriptions. More interestingly, these are not the buyers only rather Amazon also weighs your product descriptions. Since, keywords in the descriptions are important. These will help Amazon in getting you a better rank and the grouping. However, at the same times, stuffing too many keywords in your descriptions or overly used keywords will not only influence your ranking rather it will also annoy audiences too.

Don’t Tell Your Audience That You Have Bi-Majors in English 

More or less this happens. Although everyone wants to make his/her product description unique enough so it can last an impact on the audiences. However, for a copywriter, it is always important to understand that “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication.” You are all allowed to play with the words but at the same time, it’s important to avoid using unnecessary adjectives. Avoid using statements that will compel the reader to have the Oxford Dictionary in the pocket for translating the words.Difficult English, Vocabulary,

Before moving to the third image, let’s take a look at these two images, what makes us stop at these two is the use of words. No doubt, the points are succinct and serve the purpose but still playing with the words and using the difficult words while you could use the easy one is never appreciated.

Simple English, Vocabulary,

Once again, now look at the third image description. The description used by this product is also to the point. However, the use of familiar words makes it easy for the readers and the buyers too.

So for the startups, it’s important to understand the importance of well-written sales copy. A sales copy that should meet fall within the limit and should contain all the necessary elements, such as Keywords, CTA’s, the information and the features.

Actions Used to Speak Louder Than the Words- Now is the Images Turn 

Actions Used to Speak Louder Than the Words- Now is the Images Turn. Nice slogan 😛 well, thank you! OK! but apart from getting the fun element of it, on a serious note, images have huge importance. Be it a startup on Amazon or this is an established listing, if your images speak well with the audience, you are going to hit for sure. And for the Amazon image reference, we won’t mind mentioning VIJUVE  that how well they have been doing A/B testing with their images.
Vijuve at home face massager

For early startups, VIJUVE is an ideal seller to follow. Ranging from the description to the images and from the Keywords to the Rank, they are doing amazing things. Outranking many others, this seller soon started gripping a firm position with an average rating of 32,000 within 2 months.

So, looking at their images while comparing it to many others, we would rather ask you to stick with the main agenda. Let your user manual tell the features of your product. While trying to educate the audience through visuals.

Keep Trying Different Things 

different try, things, points

Here, we would rather sing famous Kesha’s “TiK ToK, on the clock” song. There is no such hard and fast rule to master the Amazon, all you need is continual efforts and testing. The marketing strategists of our team suggest that you should play around with the listings. For the startups, if you feel that your listing is not yielding the desired results, try changing the description, keyword and images. However, neither make too abrupt changes nor leave your listing to be dormant.

Are There Any More Suggestions to Sell on Amazon Like A Champ

We have mentioned earlier that there is no hard and fast rule, nor there is a definite guide that promises proven growth hack tactics. It’s all about testing, keep trying until your idea hits the ground. And if you are not sure if your results are yielding some results and need some free consultation, our marketing strategists are here for your help.