Pakistan being a developing country is on the verge of rise. Where every other business in Pakistan has the potential to rise and expand, at the same times, medical profession in Pakistan is progression by leaps and bounds.

Unlike past patterns, doctors now days need to much more in order to increase patient volume in Medical Practice. Being an online reputation management company in Pakistan and SEO services to doctors in Pakistan, we often tap doctors to discuss their issues and the possible gains they can have by leveraging the Search Engine Optimization.

Though, we come across so many questions. But, would you be interested in knowing what’s the one common question asked by every doctor?

How To Increase Patient Volume In Medical Practice:-

Search Engine Optimization is the Answer. Having said that SEO for doctors in Pakistan is paying a lot more to them, the urge to rank out is growing as well.

And you must be wondering why? So to cater your why? we have shed some light in one of our recent article that How Search Engine Optimization for Doctors in Pakistan Can Help You Increase Patient Volume.

Setting aside everything else, let’ take a look at some other phenomenon that will help you answer your questions.

First Things Come First – Take an Advantage of Local Pack 

Not sure what is Local Pack? Well No Worries! we are here to help you better understand what local pack is? and how optimizing for Local Pack in Pakistan can be a win-win situation for you.

So What is Local Pack? And How to Optimize for Local Pack in Pakistan

Before discussing the local pack. Let’s ask you few questions!

  • What amount of time do you spend using internet?
  • What’s more convenient for you? Using Internet on PC or on your phone?

There’s no surprise that majority of the searches are now carried from smart phones. Say, you are searching for the term “Affordable Gynae Hospital Near Me” or “Affordable Gynae Hospital in Rawalpindi”

You will come across something like as under:-

affordable gynae hospital in rawalpindi, gynae hospital in rawalpindi,

Did you see that call button? This is the instant call that is being generated and gets straight on your phone on the number mentioned. Apart from this, there are other perks too, i.e. website visits and directions too.

Once again you must be thinking what’s the whole story behind mentioning all these things? Well! Hold on! and let us show the magic of getting your business optimized for local pack in Pakistan.

Search Views Data, Data of Hospital,

Over the period of 28 days, 51,000 people saw the listing of one of our clients ” Al-Khidmmat Raazi Hospital Rawalpindi” using Google Local Pack i.e. Google Maps or the Google Search Engine.

That’s just one part of the story, let’s take a look at the other end.

Search Views Data, Data of Hospital,

Once again looking at the insights, i.e 64 visits on your website, 782 directions request from Google Map and 1150 Calls  within 28 days, you will realize that  how important Local Map Pack in Pakistan can be. And for the doctors, on their question regarding How You Can  Increase Patient Volume In Medical Practice can be an ideal answer.

Online Reputation Matters A lot

At the time, we are defined more by our appearance then who we are within. Going further, we are more connected to one another than ever before. And that’s  what the power of Social Media in Pakistan is. From buying a product to leaving a review, users now prefer going online to opt a service and then to share the feedback.

In this context online reputation is important. Managing online reputation will not only get you a better corporate identity but will help you outrank in your business vertical too.

No matter whatever the equipment you have or whatever services you offer. As long as you aren’t taking care of bad reviews and saying thank you for the positive ones, you will hardly be outranking your competitors online.

Keep Posting the Original Content

Gone are the days when buying Before and After Image from Shutter Stock could actually help you winning more patients. Users in Pakistan are now educated than ever before. It is therefore, important to tell them the true and fair view. And we won’t mind saying that  Content is the king.
Keep posting the original content with the actual before and after images not only helps you winning the customer’s trust but gets you more business too.

Event Follow-Ups 

What if we ask you. What’s the most sad dilemma in Pakistan? Once you are done with someone in business terms then you don’t recall or remember them at all.

Say, you are a doctor and you have dealt some patients and they had a very good experience with you. And it’s been ages, you haven’t sent them message or some seasonal card. Do you think, your customers/patients will actually remember you?

Not Really!

As long as you are keeping your existing as well as the previous customers in the loop or in touch, you are hardly to make any impact.

You Are Too Busy to Do All These Things By Yourself?

Here! we are pretty sure about one thing. Almost all of us are equally familiar with the changing patterns and the growing importance of digital marketing in Pakistan

However because of the tight schedule and the lack of solid knowledge, you think this isn’t your cup of tea and you need someone else to do so.
In such a case team Conversion Thoughts® is here to help you out.

You can either give us a call or contact us by filling out the form .We will certainly get you a complementary session to discuss as what works where.