No start, no accompanying sentences, nothing. Today, we won’t walk over the crunches of words. As a matter of fact, we will jump straight forward. Wondering what’s so special we are going to discuss? Uh, hold on! We can see the anxiousness. We can hear the neighs coming from your nasal. Anyways, so we are going to discuss the favorite topic for many. And that is, how to get a perfect product photoshoot.

Does the word photoshoot fascinate you?

For sure, it should 🙂 No offense but, Photographers in Pakistan are increasing with the speed of Amoeba and for this, we would rather give credit to Canon, Nikon, and Sony. Oh yeah, not crediting the term DSLR will take you to hell for sure :p

So, getting back to the subject matter. No doubt Photography in Pakistan is getting way stronger. It’s echoing louder and the loudest. Since the industry is growing at an immense pace. However, at the same time, some newbies are not bringing fruitful results but disparity and the waste of budgets.

Though the industry is booming, however, a product photoshoot is the category that needs a lot of improvements. Being a Complete Branding Agency in Pakistan, we understand, the importance of it. We do understand that how a perfectly taken and designed product photo can impact your sales funnels. Be it Pakistan or any other part of the world, there is a common saying (Dikhta hai to Bikta Hai). So, here’s nanni munni (brief) guide for you on how to get perfect product photoshoot.

This guide is meant for both, the photographers as well as for the product owners.

5, 4, 3,2,1…. There you go!

Make Sure At Least 1 Visit Before Shoot

For the Photographers 

It’s always imperative to pay a prior visit with all of your teammates and necessary equipment. Let’s explain this more clearly on a scenario basis.

Say, you are an Islamabad Based Product Photographer and you have a client in Lahore. Now, won’t it be better if you had seen the place earlier so as to find the best corner for the shoot? Wouldn’t that better if you had already analyzed the flashes of lightning, the possible electricity connections, the surroundings, and all other stuff? Doing so at an earlier stage would’ve saved you a lot of time and hassle.

For the Product Owners 

Where it’s important for the product photographer to pay an earlier visit, it’s also important for the product owner too. An earlier visit can help them gauge all the ifs and then scenarios. It can also get him an idea about the place, the lights, and the surroundings.

Prior Requirement Mention Makes it Easy For Both the Parties

For Photographers 

An experienced photographer will come up with all the perquisites. Still, discrepancies may occur. So, for a designer it’s always important to communicate all the requirements well before time. Often it happens that before shoot, the client as well as the photographer keep on going after things.

For Product Owners 

No offense but some product owners think that the only liability they have is to pay money. Since, they are going to pay it, now is the photographer’s turn to fully understand all the scenarios. For the product owner, it’s equally important to communicate all the requirements well in time and in a proper array. Moreover, if they have any benchmark photos or milestones so mention these clearly.

Prior Equipment and Venue Check Helps

For Photographers 

When was the last time your shoot completely messed up just because of not having prior equipment check? More or less this happens. Be it an experienced or newbie product photographer, such things do happen. So here’s how to make sure, things won’t get complex to you.

  • Check all bags and belongings
  • Get random test shots once in a week
  • Critically examine each cable
  • Make sure your batteries last longer and don’t go off too early
  • Always keep spare batteries and put these on charging while using other
  • Always ask for power backups to enjoy uninterrupted services

For Product Owners 

The biggest grumble product photographers would ever make is not having an adequate venue as promised. It’s not because the owners don’t want the best shoot. The reason is, they totally rely on their staff. The staff is either not that trained or can’t perceive the importance on a wider scale. So, for the product owner it’s imperative to make sure:-

  • The venue is neat and clean
  • The products are completely ready
  • Electricity connections are proper
  • Check if there is no extra lightening or noise that is hurting the background

General Recommendations/Checklist Product Photographers

  • Get the right product photography equipment
  • Don’t use a wide-angle lens
  • Use the right aperture for the right shot
  • Use the correct white balance
  • Don’t start directly, always start from test shots
  • Get images from different angles
  • In case of multiple products don’t focus on a single thing

Over to You

We know that you have the skills, probably you have a better idea of taking images. Still, you think, our blog on how to get a perfect product photoshoot is of any help for the newbies. Feel free to share it. Or there is anything you need us to update, do mention it in the comments and we would love hearing from you.