how to find the right advertising agency, designbanq blog, imageThe merciless wave of time is swiping away everything. Seriously, the moment, you stop moving your hands back and forth is the time you start drowning. In order to keep on moving you have to keep on practicing this exercise. And once you are on the seashore, nobody knows if another wave is on its way to make you swim again. The way, we can’t predict the depth of the ocean and the earth, the same way the changing paradigms of traditional and digital advertising in Pakistan are unpredictable. A lot more people are trying their luck either by having an Advertising Agency in Pakistan or getting their services from these.

All in all, the Advertising Agencies in Pakistan and the business associated with these at the boom. Looking at the past decade tells us that the following are the factors that have played well role in the boom of Advertising and online marketing business in Pakistan. Out of many, let’s find out the key elements that lead to traditional and digital advertising agencies a boost in Pakistan:-

  • The evolution of the Internet
  • An ever-growing number of smartphones
  • Changing shopping patterns
  • Rise of e-commerce platforms

With a hope that you will have drawn a brief conclusion that what is causing a push factor for advertising agencies. Let’s move on to a very serious concern.

There is no denying that many advertising agencies are operational in Pakistan. Some of these are offering a promise to advertise the product using traditional mechanisms. Whereas, the others promise to deliver the results by taking advantage of digital aids such as Google and likewise services. Since the competition is tough. The numbers are doubling each day, while the startups are having limited budgets. Moreover, these startups would never want their budget goes waster. In such an event, it is equally important to make an optimal selection. For any business, whether large or small, here are some tips to determine if the selected advertising agency in Pakistan is your cup of tea or not.

Plan Out Your Requirements

While serving a number of clients within and outside Pakistan, we have witnessed that entrepreneurs who come with vague or blank ideas are often misled by many of the firms. Say, you have a small business and you’ve seen one of your competitor who is doing really well in terms of promoting his brand. Now you are just copying him because he is successful, is a wrong approach. As a matter of fact, a true sails man is, who always adjusts his sails according to the direction of the wind.

plan out your requirements, finding right advertising agency
We would rather suggest you outline your own requirements. Instead of getting impressed and saying wow, try to see how? Try to figure out the answer of the following questions.

  • How did they do it
  • Why do they have selected this mechanism
  • Which platform they used
  • How much did they invest in a specific platform

Be Sure With Plan A and Plan B

Admittedly, the biggest problem with startups is having financial controls. We would rather say, these are not the financial controls only but the allocation of the budgets too. Especially in Pakistan and even some Middle Eastern Countries, people want to grow. They have some solid ideas and budgets too. However, the poor execution wipes out all their dreams. Wondering how? well, there are certain reasons for these:-

  • They will either invest too much unnecessarily
  • Will either squeeze their budgets unnecessarily
  • Will push all the triggers all at once
  • Think on a sole basis, they can take care of everything

Sometimes, newbie entrepreneurs will invest too much in business. They even rarely consider the other side of the picture. It’s not like, they don’t know the business principles, rather these are the advertising agencies that portray things for them into the beautiful canvas. They keep building castles in the air and eventually, the business owner breaks out. It is therefore important to stay away from the advertising agencies who would walk beside you without having any strategy.

Like Onion Like Tomatoes

like onion like tomatoes, advertising agency,It’s important to match the size of the company with the size of an advertising agency. Unfortunately, this has been a dilemma not only in Pakistan but throughout the world, we think all that glitter is gold. Instead of investing a little time, we rather try to find out who is the senior-most. Businesses will totally neglect the aspect of whether the opted advertising agency holds enough skills to execute the project.

Here in Pakistan, we usually go for word of mouth or will set our criteria based on materialistic approaches. As a matter of fact, it’s important to ascertain that the selected agency falls under your budgetary constraints. Moreover, it’s also advised to work out well with all if and then to yield the best results