Let’s throw a question to all newbie graphic designers of Islamabad and Pakistan. What do you think? What’s the process of designing a logo? Is it all about sitting in front of PC, opening an Adobe Photoshop or an Illustrator and punching some keys? Or you think, it is more or less about having a pen in the hand while a digital pad in either in your lap or on the table.

Well, to all newbie graphic designers of Islamabad and Pakistan. Let’s tell you that coming up with a perfect logo takes much more. Wondering what’s that? Hold on fellows! We are going to tell you all these for sure.

So, before we move on telling you how we came up with the perfect logo for one of our clients UsmanzAutoplex, we would rather ask you to buckle up as we are going to tell you the thought process that designers of team Conversion Thoughts put in the effort to come up with this logo.

Early Discussion With Brand Owner Gets You Better Understanding

Thinking that you got more than a decade in designing and now you can come up with the best thing. Oh hola! no ways! No matter how experienced you are. The brand owner always know his/her brand better than you. Says, Saqib Muhammad, Branding and Digital Marketing Head of Team Conversion Thoughts.

So, before drawing any conclusion by yourself, put yourself in a long discussion with your client by asking some silly and some stupid questions like:-

  • Why you’ve decided to start this brand?
  • Where do you see this brand after 5 years?
  • Do you want to extend your product line?
  • What type of logo do you want? Icon, letter-based  or combo

Walk-in By Wearing Customer Shoes

For a designer it’s mandatory but for the creative designer, it’s the backbone of their skill. By having the Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan while working with the number of local as well as international clients, we do understand the importance of it.

Unfortunately, there is a dilemma that most of the advertisers here will conceive things based on their experiences. More or less, they will keep moving on a notion that since they are the right so they have better exposure. Following this approach, they will only keep their successful experiments ahead while leaving every other thing at the back of the corner.  However, we strongly believe that’s not the case always. In order to be top of the top graphic designers in Islamabad, Pakistan or worldwide, you are supposed to walk in by wearing customer’s shoes.

Keep on Playing With Every Available Option

Walking around the self drew line always limits. Says, Mr. Saqeyeb Muhammad, Director of Operations  of Conversion Thoughts. Here at Conversion Thoughts, we always suggest to keep on playing with every possible option.

For instance, if your client has requested you to give him/her 3 options, we would ask you to go on more than that. Keep hitting, keep on playing with the fonts, the colors. However, in case there are pre-built branding guidelines than playing with the options isn’t recommended.

Float Different Variations of Logo on Social Media To Seek Opinion and Reviews

This one’s the tip that should work like a charm. Since we have tested it so we are saying so.
our team had already designed and finalized the logo with the client. However, we didn’t reveal the logo and preferred to ask the audience.


And the response was amazing. We got so many interesting answers from many of the car enthusiasts. And the best part was the aesthetics and knowledge of people towards design behaviors.

We Believe There’s Lot More That Can Be Added 

Graphic Design Industry and graphic designers of Islamabad and Pakistan are way talented. We believe they are aware of the patterns and all the perquisites needed to design compelling logos.