The world is subjected to a ceaseless flux, it is always changing and ever evolving- technology is no exception. With the advancement in technology the paradigms of traditional marketing have been shifted to digital marketing.

But First, What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a testament of advancement in the field of technology. It refers to marketing that takes place through the medium of not only social networking sites but anything that is digital such as mobile phones, email ads, video games, subway platforms with digital screens and so much more. The benefits of digital marketing and the ease it brings with it are innumerable.

How Is It Helping Doctors?

A decade ago, people would ask their peers if they knew a ‘competent doctor’ but digital marketing has brought a whole new revolution even in the medical field. People now no longer rely solely on printed advertisements or any other offline advertisements.

As the use of digital screens and internet has been increased tremendously in the recent past years across the globe. It makes sense that if you are a practitioner and you really want to get your name reach out to masses- for that purpose you need to keep pace with the world. You need to adapt the ways that help you out to reach your potential and prospective customers/patients.

It sounds quite daunting and challenging for medical practitioners to go digital but it is easier than you think and is way more promising than the old traditional marketing ways.

How Digital Marketing in Pakistan Can Help Doctors 


It aids you as a practitioner to develop your credibility on a much larger scale.  Because it not only catches the targeted customers or potential patients but it also allows them to see your credibility by the reviews & the feedback given by the patients who have left their remarks about their experiences.

Not only this but unlike printed ads, digital ads and digital marketing has an additional advantage of the liberty of allowing you to express yourself in the best possible manner. You can flaunt about your practice & the services you offer so that people may have a more vivid idea about your credibility as a skilled and erudite doctor or specialist.

Because having a reliable name in the market is the essence of any business. And digital marketing increases this reliability by ten folds. If you use digital marketing sagaciously, you will be capable of increasing the number of your potential patients.


Well, answer to that is quite simple. With so many other competitors of you shifting to digital medium there is no sound reason for you to stay glued to the old ways. As innovation is always welcomed by masses. There are a number of reasons to go digital, some are mentioned below;


According to a latest survey, 89% people conduct online research before buying any service. In this busy world of today people do not have time to go out physically and have a firsthand experience of anything. They rather go for online survey to check out the consensus developed regarding that service. And so is the case when it comes to opting for a doctor.

Patients are likely to trust your services if they find you going with the trends. Because who likes to stay remote in this advancing world of today. And especially when it comes to health people need everything that is latest and up to date. In other words, digital marketing is just a way of garnering the attraction of your potential patients.


If you are a novice and have just started practice, chances are that you do not have enough budget to spend millions of rupees on the marketing of your clinic like other well-known hospitals or clinics. It really posits a threat to your work, since you have put all your heart and soul to reach to this point but lack of budget for marketing is a real issue.

Technology to the rescue, as it allows you to disseminate your work, credentials and services in a very low budget. Moreover, digital marketing has been made easy so that it is easily accessible to everyone.


Another marvel of digital marketing is that it has the potential to reach out to the targeted audience. Ads are displayed according to the needs of audience and hence in this way when the audience is decluttered, it paves the way for more people to consider your service because it simply debars the need of gaining their interest because it targets only those who are already looking for a doctor or are in a dire need of a good medical treatment.


This aspect of digital marketing adds just an extra kick to your business. It targets your audience worldwide and is by no means limited. In order to keep pace with the world that is pacing at an unfathomable rate, many doctors across the globe have shifted their practice online as well. They respond to each of their patients personally and responsibly.

But it does not count a lot if you do not enter into the race of digital marketing to promote your work. Because without proper marketing you will not be able to garner the attention of many no matter how competent you may be.


The options are unlimited. Digital marketing is at its best when it uses the medium of internet. As more people are into internet these days especially the social media and networking sites. So, sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube etc. are the best options to promote your business.


Also known as search engine optimization is a tool to give a boost to your business. You may have the most attractive site but what if you are not at the top search when someone is looking for a doctor? All your efforts will go in vain if this is the case. SEO allows you to use the right keywords that are on rampant and patients are more likely to search for those words while looking for a doctor.

So, Google’s SEO for doctors in Pakistan is deemed as essential when you are marketing using a digital medium