Who would have fathomed the world would take a drastic turn in just a matter of days. This novel Coronavirus of 2019 has changed the way of living. In order to get through this pandemic, people are devising new ways of living. All around the globe, physical proceedings and phenomena have been ceased in order to prevent the contraction of this deadly virus. The trend has been shifted tremendously to ‘work from home & to shop from home.’

It is of no surprise to know that digital marketing is on spike amidst COVID-19, because not only government is forcing people to stay at homes but people are also observing the preventive measures and avoid going physically to the shops, malls, restaurants etc. With all the prospective customers being bound to their homes, marketers are efficient enough to embrace this behavioral shift in order to keep their businesses going and to make sure the protection of their customers.

Thus, we see a remarkable rise in digital marketing in Pakistan with the effect that even the businesses that were not online prior to the outbreak of this virus, they have also been shifted online.

Digital Marketing Sees A Remarkable Shift Toward Household And Protective Equipment

With all the life ceased, there is an upward trend in the digital marketing of households and protective equipment. It makes sense, as people are petrified to physically go out and shop so they are much more comfortable and feel more secure with online shopping.  With prospective customers staying indoors digital marketing is of course a brand’s best defense against corona virus. Since, people are panic buying groceries due to the fear of lock down and also because of the fear of contracting virus by going out again and again to the supermarkets to get themselves equipped with all the necessary items, in order to survive during quarantine. Supermarkets websites are literally crashing down because masses are doing panic buying, especially the items that are deemed as essential in order to fight against the virus. Items such as soaps, surface cleaners, masks, gloves etc. are out of stock as a result of this panic buying and thus there is a tremendous rise in the digital marketing of such items related to healthcare and protection and business owners are investing more and more in digital marketing by keeping in view the prevailing situation. Supermarkets and online sales after the outbreak of corona virus has been increasing at an exponential rate. Recent statistics show, during March 2020 alone, there is a rise of 90% in the trend of home deliveries.

Increase In The Use Of Internet

Life during quarantine has a direct impact on the use of internet. According to a latest survey, the use of internet has been risen up to 15%. More and more people are using the internet, be they working from home, taking online classes or either extensively scrolling down on social media apps out of boredom. The people running businesses take this rise in the use of internet as a great opportunity to flourish their business rather than shutting it down amid this corona virus outbreak.

There are so many online opportunities for digital marketing among them the foremost are the social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tiktok and so many more because without a doubt people are using these apps even more frequently. Digital marketing also takes the form of email marketing, video advertisement, Whatsapp advertisement and a number of other ways. People are wisely using digital marketing skills to promote their businesses. Some of the ways are as follow;

Using Relevant Hashtags

Many marketers are using the hashtags that are on rampant these days such as #stopthespread, #stayhome, #staysafe, #quarentinelife etc. because these are the hashtags that are more commonly in use nowadays and people are more likely to open these hashtags thus such tricks actually give an extra kick to the business.

Whatsapp Advertisement

Whatsapp is also being used as a source of digital marketing other than serving the purpose of communication, but these days with corona virus talks taking over the world they have also taken the internet by storm, even the whatsapp advertisements these days are profoundly affected by corona virus since business owners are yet again taking it as an opportunity to give boost to their business. As more and more people are now inclined to buy online services so such digital marketing skills by using internet wisely are really changing the trends of online shopping in Pakistan.

Google Advertisements

Depending on the type of business, business owners are also using google ads to promote their businesses and to help people make their quarantine lives a bit entertaining. They are doing so by offering them to drop off the items at their door steps, by offering incentives, or by using pressure tactics such as putting up tempting offers for the customers. MARKETING THROUGH EMAILS As the trend has been shifted to ‘work from home’, marketers are taking emails as a source of marketing their products to increase their sales amid coronavirus.

It Has Led People To Think Out Of The Box

A good business requires proactive skills that are needed to tackle uncertain situations that come along its way, corona virus is no exception, thus business owners are really looking forward to new and tempting strategies that entice more and more people. Because with this outbreak of deadly virus, masses across the globe are quarantined, which is causing serious threats to the sustenance of many businesses. Prior to this deadly outbreak, businesses in Pakistan were largely offline but due to this virus as people are observing lockdown for unlimited days, posits a serious threat to their businesses so business owners are not only shifting their businesses online but they are also getting more innovative, thinking outside the box and thus giving new dimensions to the existing paradigms of digital marketing in Pakistan.