So folks, hold your breath, fasten up the seat belts, have pop-corn and drinks aside as these may not fell down. Why? Well, because, today, I am going to tell you the biggest secrets of Pakistan’s Electronic Media. And for sure, in electronic media, I would rather cover all ranging from Drama Industry to TVCs and from TVCs to news sections. Anyways, I won’t mind saying it all that the TV industry in Pakistan is keeping audiences more into fantasies rather than showing true and fair view of the society and our norms on the whole.

Why am I saying so? Well, for sure there are obvious reasons on account of which I am saying all this. And in order to back my stance, I would draw your attention towards a few things. To keep it simple and short I would only highlight give things that you will learn from Pakistan’s Electronic Media. Want to know what are those? Let’s find out.

Almost 80% People Are Rich

Seriously I love Pakistan’s TV Dramas. You must be thinking that why do I so? Well because looking at these dramas I get to know one thing for sure. Guess what’s that? Well, these dramas help me drawing a conclusion that almost 80% of our population is rich.

Trust me I didn’t build this notion by myself but by watching drama serials. You must be wondering why I drew these analyses. Well:-

  • I rarely see anyone got a small house
  • Everyone is having big business and is always suited
  • Most of the men are always seen sitting next to their ladies which indicates they are financially well and have got no tension about earning bread and butter
  • Even the poor one will be wearing a new suit with the draped and fresh collars

OK! Now stop laughing and think about these things on serious notes and you will find these things for sure.

Isn’t that amazing? For sure, it is but let’s keep moving to tell you more amazing stuff.

In order to Sell Product, You Have to Dance

Seriously thanks to QMobile for stopping those ridiculous dancing ads in which it was hard to determine if they are advertising the lady, the composition or the product itself. I remember once I was sitting and all of sudden that BOLT AD appeared. That seemed more like a Starwar because in it the noble lady and the naughty gentleman were fighting with one another by splashing the phone thunderstorms.  Don’t you remember? Well, here you are!

Now, let’s appreciate the marketing efforts of Jazz who once produced the most controversial image of the Beauty Queen Nargis Fakhri right in front of the homepage.

And in the pursuit, how come Zong could leave them behind. By looking at that seductive lady and her smooth shoulder, you will rarely slide your eyes to the main content that says “Zong 4G. Oh tasveer lagana to bhool e gaya 😛

As a matter of fact when I look at TVCs of Pakistan and compare it with the Indian Industry then I almost feel kind of feeling that what we’ve been trying to portray.

  • Are we doing any good for our society?
  • Are we leaving any moral values to our upcoming generation?
  • Is this what our culture represents on the whole?


I believe a big No is an answer to all the questions that I mentioned.

There is Always Conspiracy Between Mother in Law and Daughter in Law

Chalo g now fighting scene J Trust me it’s not always the case. Neither all Mother in Laws are Jallad nor all the Bahoo Ranis are always cooking up something in their mind for their Saasoo Maas. Long story short is, unfortunately, almost 75% of TV dramas will be based on two stories:-

Every mother is unhappy with her daughter in law for not having a baby boy. So she wants her son to get another marriage

All the Daughter in Law feels they are the most oppressed species on earth. Like their in Law house is no more than Guantanamo bay jail.

Seriously guys!!! Is this the case? I do believe and acknowledge that such things do exist. However, portraying those as if every other home is having the same issue is a real negative feeling.

In Pakistan, Girls Rarely Wear Dupatta

With all due respect from all the ladies out there. Watching old day dramas and comparing it with the upcoming ones, I can differentiate one thing for sure. Guess what’s that?  Well, it’s that missing dupatta or headscarf. These days, we rarely see girls wearing a dupatta. And if they are wearing then as soon as they keep their last step out from home, they suddenly take it off.

Come on, guys! Seriously? This can never be our culture. Knowing the fact that there are few people. However, considering those few while leaving all others is not a good thing at all.

We Have No Other Job Other Than Falling in Love for Each Other

I love you, I love you too. Sorry, I don’ love you. Please say yes or I will die. I am sorry but we are just friends, I love someone else. Mene Kabhi aapko is Nazar se nahi dekha :P. Well, almost this portion covers an entire 30% of the whole episode of every other drama.

Uh hola! What’s going on? Let’s admit that media, on the whole, is fu***** up the society. There are so many good aspects, social learnings that can be conveyed and made through it but unfortunately, they are acting just like a