Digital marketing is another term that describes the phenomenon of ‘online/ internet/web marketing’. This concept of web marketing has made quite a roar in the marketing industry worldwide & Pakistan is embracing this novel trend, slowly & gradually

How Digital Marketing in Pakistan Is Different From Traditional Marketing?

Digital marketing in Pakistan differs from the traditional form of marketing in terms of the strategies used. Web marketing uses innovative strategies to lure customers into buying a certain product or service.  It also enables the use of channels and methods that allow an organization to evaluate marketing campaigns for actual & effective results. This assessment allows using only those strategies that actually work while disregarding those that reap no positive outcome.

Social media is the most lauded and simple way of digital marketing which seems to be gaining momentum in Pakistan. Not only the youth but anyone and everyone owning a smartphone knows how to use social media, be it for personal branding or marketing one’s product & services.

International, as well as local brands, are now using social media for the marketing wonders it can do to your small scale business. In Pakistan nowadays, marketing standards are being developed for social media campaigns & digital marketing, which is a positive step towards a revolution in this industry. We must let go of the traditional and ineffective ways of marketing products & services because the target market has moved on to the fresh concept of digital marketing. It’s high time, businesses do too.

Pakistan has come to realize the potential of this fresh phenomenon, and people are taking advantage of it. The most prominent channels for digital marketing in Pakistan have been listed below:

Social Media Marketing

There are a variety of channels that you can use to market your business online, social media is one of them. We can further categorize social media into different platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, but in Pakistan, the ball is in one court – Facebook’s at the moment! Others are surely catching up, for instance, Instagram but that’ll take some time.

As social media becomes the holy grail of web marketing, Facebook takes the lead in Pakistan, with businesses keeping up with the trend. 90 percent of the digital population in Pakistan comes from Facebook alone. A major contributing factor is a free to access given to Facebook by mobile network providers locally.

In addition to free access, businesses are using facebook countrywide to reach a wider audience through specialized content and ads. Businesses are increasingly using Facebook for creating product awareness because it’s relatively cheap while allowing maximum control over the content, which had not been the case with traditional marketing.

Furthermore, Facebook seems like a safe approach for most businesses because their ads are measurable, they drive significant traffic to your website, they ensure greater brand awareness & these are most suited for word-of-mouth & referrals.

Search Engine Optimization

Digital marketing is not a stand-alone concept. You can’t market your products or services online without SEO. Here’s a little process that will help you understand what SEO is for digital marketing & how its absence can be detrimental to online businesses.

So, let’s suppose you need a nice pair of shoes and you are technology savvy, and on top of that a millennial. What do you? You won’t drive to your store of choice; sift through a million pairs simply to spot the one that you like. Right?

Instead, you’d go to Google. You’ll grab your phone and type what all you need in Google. As a business, you want Google to take this millennial, technology-savvy customer looking for a nice pair for shoes to your website. But how would you communicate this to Google? Google ain’t no man, right?

Here’s where SEO comes into play. Finding the right keywords to insert in your content is what SEO is all about. Now, SEO will help you get a better ranking on Google.

Digital Marketing in Pakistan and The Role of DigiSkills.PK

Pakistan know & understands the importance of SEO efforts. There are hence, online courses and on-campus training conducted for SEO as well as digital marketing. One of these online portals providing free training in SEO & digital marketing is DigiSkills.pk.

DigiSkills.pk is a large scale national training program that has been conceived by the Minister of IT & Telecom to be launched across the country to train as many as 1 million people for future employability in the technology sector.

The DigiSkills Program is aimed at equipping our youth, freelancers, students, housewives, professionals, etc. with knowledge, skills, tools & techniques necessary to seize the opportunities available internationally in online marketplaces as well as locally to earn a decent living.

Popular digital market trends in Pakistan right now!

Almost 20 million people in Pakistan have access to the internet nowadays, which contributes to an increase in online shopping. Daraz.pk is the country’s largest online shopping platform. Economic growth is on the rise, and investor confidence has improved over the years. All of these factors are responsible for the rise of digital marketing in the country.

Here are a few ongoing digital marketing trends of Pakistan:

  • Sponsored marketing on social media
  • Ads via videos (posted on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat)
  • Engagement via localized content
  • Improved UX for mobile websites

If you are also thinking about launching your very own business or brand in Pakistan, get your marketing efforts right! In order to learn and master the art of digital marketing & its various tools, equip yourself with the right skills. You don’t need to get a degree for SEO, enroll for an online training course through DigiSkills.pk. It’s free of cost! Nothing better than a free course that teaches you the ABC of digital marketing from the comfort of your home!