When it comes to brand then a compelling logo is what the essence of every brand is. Let’s be honest not all but a number of individual logo designers only rely either on Behance or get inspiration from Shutter Stock. Even some of these geeks won’t put even a single sign of effort but getting it downloaded by paying a few dollars. And why shouldn’t they be? After all, almost 10% of the entire clientele in Pakistan are aware of with the gist of branding. These are not only the clients even numbers of branding agencies are not very much into branding.

Apologetically but to them, designing a logo is the only mission they have. I personally asked one of the logo designers in Islamabad what made you design a specific logo. And his reply was “Bus sir g yeh Mujhe acha Laga aur client ko b” guess what? I was presuming that there must be a story or at least a vision behind it. Long story short, only a few branding agencies in Pakistan, who are actually aware of the science behind designing a purposeful professional logo.  By the way, this case study will discuss how we came up with the perfect logo for one of our client “Campbellpur Realtors and Builders” and what some ideas that walked through around us were.

It All Started With That Sticky C

You must be wondering that what’s that sticky C? Well, our client knew only one thing that there should be C in his logo. Other than that, he was as blank an empty glass. Let’s be honest prior to get in touch with us, they had hired someone else for this job as well but those champs didn’t bring much for satisfaction. Speaking more generously, those champs felt no regrets in downloading the logo. And if you are not in a mood to agree with us, then take a look at the logos that our client got from a previous branding agency

C Varriations, Initial Logo of the Campbellpur

Looking at all these logos we were sure about one thing that the client was exploited. And here at this stage, we would rather request every design agency as well as individual not to exploit clients at all. Anyways, going further, we then started working on a mission. The mission to get the unique yet most eye-catching logo. A log that should have a theme, meaning and for sure, should communicate the overall purpose. Want to see how we started the journey? Let’s get things going?

So, this was the starting point. Keeping that sticky C in mind after having meaningful discussions with client, we started brainstorming. We started with a pencil and paper and started designing things. Guess what? it was the first thing we came up with.

We didn’t end up here. We knew this is just the first clue of our humble beginning and we have to keep diving deep enough so as to get the right jewel. Our team kept on moving and moving by playing around with the different things but keeping our feet within the circle. And here’s what you can see.

In case you think we stopped here then let’s apologize for saying that you are betting on the wrong horse. Team DesignBanq kept on moving with a hope to come up the best real estate logo in Islamabad, we have to come up with something more. A thing that no one ever has done so far. The branding experts of our team once again got together. Once again we held paper and pen to brainstorm and this time, we came up with something splendid.

Wondering what’s that? Well Seeing is believing. Here you are!

And this time we were confident that we are going in the right direction. This new idea further boosted our morale and allowed us a chance to play well enough. Once again our branding experts starting conceiving the idea.

By adding touches from some previous ideas while mingling up this new thing, the logo designers of DesignBanq came up with the undermentioned options.

While submitting the logos to the client we were happy that at least, we have come up with something different. However, being a Complete Branding Agency in Pakistan we knew there is something missing that needs adding.


And Here Comes the Final and Approved One

Though the client had selected the key option with that C we still came up with a Lil tweak and this time we didn’t do much with the final idea. Curious to know what did we do? Well, here you are!