In an era such as 2017, the quest to leave an everlasting impression is at its max. Be it ATL or BTL, brands are investing a huge some to reach more and more audience. In such a dense competition, for startups, there is an opportunity to learn. To learn from past experiences and then to come up with a strong presence. Here at DesignBanq, we will try our best to facilitate all the startups, brands and individuals regarding the changing paradigms based on our past experiences. Sometimes, we will be guiding you through bringing out the compilation of Best TV Commercials with the Strong Message, while sometimes, we will be suggesting the branding ideas. Before moving on to the main agenda. Let’s do an activity. Let’s ask you some questions.

  • Do you watch TV?
  • What’s your favorite TV commercial?
  • Do you still watch it?
  • Why do you like it?
  • When was the first time you watched it?
  • Have you ever discussed it with someone as an example

Prior to scrolling down, we would ask you to answer all these questions to yourself and see which TV commercials or commercials run through your mind.

So, without taking much more, let’s jump straight to the topic. In this blog, we will primarily shed light on TV commercials. We will try to explain how well they have conveyed their message while playing with the people’s emotions.

Airtel- No Boundaries TVC

When it comes to Best TV Commercials then we will surely place Airtel No Boundaries TVC on the top. You may differ with us for awarding it the first position but you will surely applaud us while looking at it. The whole concept, the background music and last message at an end, all in all, a perfect compilation. Want to see it? Let us show you

Microsoft What Makes Next Campaign

The best thing about giant companies is, they are always good at both ends i.e. technical as well as toward society. And for the Microsoft What Makes Next Campaign, saying a word incredible will not be wrong at all. For the women day 2016, they made an impressive commercial to encourage all the women. Without letting ladies a sign of guilt even, they motivated them that there are lot of women inventors and for sure, where there is a will there is away. In case, you have missed the most encouraging TV commercial from Microsoft then here it is for your review.

A Little Effort Goes A Long Way in Helping Your Mother

Admittedly there are some brands in Pakistan who are also well-versed in playing with the sentiments of people. Their marketing team probably knows what to launch and when to launch. Here, we don’t mind crediting the Blue Band Mother’s Day Campaign Launch. As mentioned there are many other ads too. However, we’ve mainly focused on TV commercials that have tried to portray things by showing their corporate social responsibility as well and for this Blue Band has done something tremendous. In case you are not sure what we are talking about? Here’s the TVC for you

We hope for the startups this Lil effort will help them in understanding the importance of strong and to the point message conveying mechanism. Is there anything more, you would like to add or there are some suggestions from your side. Feel free to reach our editorial team and we would love to interact with you.