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What is Local SEO  And How Local SEO Can Help You Get More Real Business

We assume that you already know what SEO is, it’s the practice of trying to get your website or web pages rank high in the search engine results when people search for your type of business or service.

And we’re gonna talk about why it’s important and do a comparison against advertising.  So when it comes to doing local SEO, there’s a couple things to compare it against.

Like any part of the world, even in Pakistan, people talk more about advertising.  They talk about PPC which is pay per click advertising namely Google adwords.

Because a lot of small businesses do Google adwords but not a lot of businesses invest in SEO.

Ever Thought Why Online Businesses in Pakistan Spend More on Online Advertising and Why They Shouldn’t Be Doing So?

Convenience and the quick results is the prime reason. The reason being is, advertising is easy to get started and it’s easy to see results whereas SEO is a little bit more difficult to get started and when you actually implement it,  you don’t see results right away.

So the Question Is, How Much Time Does it Take For SEO to Show The Results?

You may not see results for several months or so early several weeks down the line.  Which makes it  hard to figure out what the ROI,  so when it comes to local SEO versus paper click advertising or paid online advertising there’s a couple advantages to it.

Why SEO in 2021 is Still in Demand Within Pakistan And Why Local SEO in Pakistan Is Booming More?

Number one is people tend to trust the organic search results over at central in the search results, so organic search results tend to get more clicks and people tend to trust those rankings more than the typical advertisements that are above and at the bottom on the search results page.

Number 2 it works for you month after month, now imagine when you do paid advertising or any kind of advertising, as soon as you stop you know stop the advert or you stop paying for it everything goes back to zero.
There’s no lasting value, there’s no residual value to it, you’re either paying for and getting results and since you stopped paying the results stop.

However, when it comes to SEO you make that investment up front and it may take a while to start seeing results. But once you do those results work for you week after week and month after month and sometimes they work for year after year, especially if we continue to do some kind of maintenance with the website and with your SEO.  And most importantly SEO provides a better long term ROI over paid advertising.

Seems So Appealing…. Is There Any Catch About SEO or Local SEO

The hardest things when it comes to SEO, it’s figuring out what’s ROI for you.  In addition to this, it can be difficult, depending on what industry you’re in to get those rankings so.


Let’s Talk Through Examples

Say you are Digital Marketing Agency in Rawalpindi. Now  use Google keyword planner to find out all the relevant terms you think you should be advertising. Say you got 12 terms and each term is costing you 500 Rs CPC. You get over 500 searches a month so variations would be Digital Marketing Agency in Rawalpindi, Digital Marketing Agency in Rawalpindi and Islamabad,  all those kind of variations and they all can add up and what you want to add all those up it’s over 500 searches per month  . So Google adwords estimates that the cost per click is 50 a click that’s a lot Rs, 50 is a lot and that’s per click  so that’s only to get somebody click on your ad go to your website and you may need several clicks to get somebody to fill out some kind of contact form of the call you and above that you may need to get several leads you know people filling out forms or  call you before you get one customer

On the Other side of the Story

You invest in SEO and eventually you you get the rank around number 4 on page one of the Google search results so you’re not the very top getting a line check the searches but you’re in the running and you’re getting some of that click share   so let’s take this example you rank number 4 on Google and saying you know this is just an estimate say you get 70 searches a month 70 clicks a month for these variations of Digital Marketing Agency in Rawalpindi and all the tertiary terms that come come along with it because the thing with the SEO is if you can rank if you can rank a webpage for Digital Marketing Agency in Rawalpindi you’re gonna get a lot of secondary terms along with it and that maybe Digital Marketing Agency in Rawalpindi,  How to Find Best Digital Marketing Agency Near Me,  Best Local SEO Agency in Rawalpindi.
All these variations means the same thing.  So a lot of times if you can rank for one of these terms, you actually rank for a whole bunch of the terms.

So say you’re getting 70 clicks a month on average for that web page for for these rankings   70 times Rs 50 a click it’s going to cost you 35000 a month. So that’s a lot of money that you’re paying if you’re doing Google adwords so that’s kind of how you can do a comparison

That’s pretty much what you’d be paying if you’re doing advertising to replace that SEO.

you very much and have a good day.

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